Custom Builds and Performance Parts
  • Black OKO PWK Carburetor without Power Jet


    OKO High Performance PWK Carburetors in a Black Finish. Choose Sizes From Drop Down Menu. This Model Does Not Have The Power Jet. Please See Related Items For The PWK With Power Jet.

    May Come With Either a Black or a Yellow Choke Lever.

    The main jet and idle/pilot jet sizes are as follows:

    • 19mm Carb: main 95, idle 42
    • 21mm Carb: main 103, idle 42
    • 24mm Carb: main 107, idle 46
    • 26mm Carb: main 112, idle 46
    • 28mm Carb: main 130, idle 48
    • 30mm Carb: main 138, idle 48