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  • Honda Ruckus R6 LED integrated turn signal / brake light With Bracket Nps50 jst4shw taillight

    This item is out of stock
    This item is out of stock

    Honda ruckus r6 Clear integrated LED Tail Light with Turn Signals and with Jst4shw aluminum bracket, no need to cut the plastic, just screw in 3 allen bolt that comes with it to the plastic and your done!

    wiring diagram:

    OEM Green/Black  - R6 black wire = Ground 

    OEM Black/Brown - R6 White wire = Running light

    OEM Green/Yellow - R6 Red wire   = Brake light  

    OEM Orange  - R6 Yellow wire        = Right turn signal

    OEM Light Blue - R6 Blue wire       = Left turn signal

    if you dont have an LED flasher relay yet , then you'll need this :

    LED flasher relay 

    review/install by: